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"We hired Timeline Design+ Build in Saratoga, California for a complete remodel our California style ranch house. We are very pleased with the result and very much enjoyed the experience of working with the crew at Timeline. Matthew Harrigan, the owner and president of Timeline, was involved in design throughout the project. Matthew’s engineering background was apparent from our first visit where he showed us a very detailed work flow diagram he uses at Timeline to maintain an efficient and on-time operation. Matthew helped us make informed decisions during the project by teaching us about home design and construction. Our initial sessions with Matthew involved brainstorming the possibilities for the scope of the project. He provided us with estimates of the cost of each option and this allowed us choose features that fit our budget and provided us with the most value. Interior designers, primarily Kyle Le, educated us as well and helped us choose finishes and appliances that are functional, stylish and affordable. Kyle was very patient and available after hours for questions throughout the project. As the date of construction approached Timeline provided us with a detailed calendar of construction phases with an expected completion date. The construction calendar was an ingenious means to compress the number of days for construction by overlapping the scheduled dates for different specialists. Timeline assigns a site manager to each project to coordinate the subcontractors and to do all construction tasks not allotted to the subcontractors. Our site manager, Gary Skwarek, was affable, available on site every day and seemed capable of building almost anything. The subcontractors were professional, punctual and efficient. Design continued during construction. Daily contact with Kyle and Gary allowed us to finalize aspects of design not addressed to that point and change prior design decisions without costly delays or wasting of materials. Accounting for the added time of change orders, the original five months scheduled for construction was accurate within a week. There were no delays due to scheduling, product not being ordered on time, erroneous orders or delivery of damaged products. The workmanship is outstanding with great attention to detail. Timeline provides an excellent warranty on workmanship. Timeline has repaired acquired misalignment of doors related to the house settling over the first few months at no cost to us. Overall, we are extremely pleased with our experience with Timeline. They provided us with a beautiful house, built on schedule at a reasonable cost. On top of this, we count them as our friends."
Jenny M.

"Our structural engineering firm has been working with Timeline Design+Build for the past 5 years. Our field inspections of homes under construction reveal a company who is truly dedicated to providing superior craftsmanship with acute attention to detail. Their in house design team is professional and well organized, providing beautiful & harmonious home designs."
Robert S.

"We are using Timeline Design for a project, and we have found the entire team, including the CEO Matthew Harrigan, to be extremely competent and professional. The workmanship of the company and their subcontractors is high quality, and they are responsive to any concerns and questions we have. Recommended!"
Jimmy L.

"I have worked with Matthew Harrigan and team for over 7 years. Matthew is not only a fantastic designer of your space, but pulls rabbits out of the hat all the time to keep his clients elated! His team is top notch, from the interior designers, to his architectural staff, office personnel and the guys who are in the field building your dream home. Matthew has developed a base of experts, city and county personnel, who know, when he calls or asks a question, they respect his work and reputation and are eager to help. He is definitely not the cheapest guy out there, but the end result shows why cutting corners does not bring the same value to the home, make the client happy, and he can’t put his name on something he is not proud of. He stands behind his warranties. His whole reason for doing what he does is to have happy, satisfied customers and ALWAYS goes above and beyond to ensure 20 years down the road they are still positive they made the right decision by going with Timeline. In fact, he has so many clients who end up doing one project after the next over the years so clearly they are more than satisfied! I am so confident in his prowess, that he is transforming my sister’s ocean front property into an amazing home. I would not have recommended him to my own sister if I wasn’t completely confident in his ability, follow through and team. One more thing! 98% of his clients (even after 10 or more years) welcome Matthew and new clients to tour their homes. THAT typically doesn’t happen if you aren’t happy with the process and result! Thank you for reading!"
Robyn D.

"Had the pleasure of working with Matthew and his team on multiple projects and will continue to use him in the future, including an out-of-State project! His commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and meeting their schedule is unparalleled!"
Bonnie W.

"Great place and build/design awesome houses!"
Kevin H.

"Your new house is beautiful!” “This really feels well-constructed, and of very high-quality!” “Nice job!” “Well done!” These are just a sampling of the compliments we have been receiving from friends, neighbors and random passers-by in the few weeks since we moved back into our new home, custom-designed and built by the folks at Timeline. We still pinch ourselves at times, amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship we now get to enjoy as part of our daily routine. Our journey with Timeline started with an idea to renovate some problem areas in our aging house from the 1940’s. From that very beginning, and throughout the entire project, everyone we dealt with at Timeline was a consummate professional, using their expertise and experience to help guide us - never with any pressure or judgement! - towards realizing a fully-updated custom home of our dreams. We could not have asked for a better partner to help us design and build our “forever” home, and we could not have imagined, at the start, how amazing it would turn out to be. We would heartily recommend Timeline for anyone wanting to know that their project will be executed well, with great folks, and to the highest standards of quality."
C. L.

"Timeline helped us to build the home of our dreams. Our project was a complete knock down and rebuild. The entire team at Timeline was great to work with. We enjoyed working with them so much that we are looking for other projects to be able to work with them again!"
Kevin T.

"Timeline Design (TD) did a fantastic job of remodeling 3 of our bathrooms in 2016; it was our 3rd project with TD. TD, as with our previous projects, worked closely with us to ensure our job was done to our total satisfaction. TD's employees and its subcontractors have a strong sense of pleasing the customer. We enthusiastically recommend TD for any remodeling job."
Wayne C.

"We hired Timeline Design to do the design and build for a complete kitchen remodel (new layout, new walls, etc.) and bathroom update. Even though we had strong ideas for many of the things we wanted, we were completely open to new ideas. Timeline took our ideas and came up with a design and build-out that achieved all of our goals. We had a great collaboration with the designers and on-site construction team. Timeline did a wonderful job on our kitchen and bath remodel, plus all the different change orders we kept throwing at the them. The kitchen was an especially stunning transformation. The most remarkable and impressive part was how the schedule didn't stray too far from the original estimate despite having a couple of key people leave the project along the way and how we kept adding change orders. Our project manager, Ginny, deserves a special shout out for keeping us and the project on track."
Gordon Y.

"My husband and I were looking for construction that would handle our renovation project from beginning to end and we are very happy we chose Timeline. They did a great job in the planning and design phase, and because of this there were very little surprises during the whole process. Kyle, our interior designer, helped us make great design decisions, and John, our general contractor, did an awesome job staying on top of all the permits and work scheduled to stay on track. We are so happy with the way our home turned out and will definitely be using Timeline Design for our next home renovation project."
Christina y.

"I am an Interior Designer who chose to work with Mike at Timeline Design for my own kitchen remodel. That shows my confidence in his expertise and the quality of Timeline's products. Design is a collaborative effort and Mike offered professional yet very approachable advice as we worked through the logistics of the design. And importantly, Mike's calm and genuine demeanor helped mitigate the incredible emotional stresses of the remodel. As a designer, I truly appreciate Timeline's offering of several quality product lines in a variety of price ranges, providing many options for my clients. Their showroom also has countertop and hardware samples to help the client better visualize the project. I have no hesitation working with Mike and Timeline again, both professionally and personally."
Studio M.

"I chose Timeline for my project that included a complete refresh of the exterior, including a new front door and garage door, stone siding, new roof with skylights, and removal of a huge brick fireplace replaced with a large window. The process to define the scope of work was very smooth and efficient, and effectively ensured we were on the same page. During the project the change order process was equally smooth, clear and reasonably priced. The workers had good communication skills, were polite and responsive, and cleaned up before leaving at days end. The subcontractors were high quality and well managed. The Timeline team worked effectively with my landscape architect to ensure her construction needs - mostly electrical - were met. There were regular meetings to review work progress and schedule. The Timeline team took extra efforts to make sure things went smoothly. At the end of the project, they took care of the punch list quickly, efficiently and easily. I would recommend Timeline, and would use them again for another project."

"Professional from start to finish! Timeline Design did a great job maximising the space we had and created a layout that was very clever and useful. Our remodelling job was beautifully designed and done! Attention to detail was also top notch. They truly paid attention to customer's needs and provided great service even after the job was done."
Nancy T.

"We're working on a rebuild of our home. We selected Timeline after meeting with several firms, and after seeing several examples of their work. We also spoke with multiple former clients (some we met through Timeline, some we met on our own), all of which provided great recommendations. Our project is still underway, but we've been very pleased with the design process. The lot shape and orientation are challenging, and were the cause of major lighting issues in the original home. The Timeline design team has worked with us to come up with a custom home that addresses those issues, as well as meets our fairly specific choice of style. They are on top of emerging technology as well, so we're able to make heating, power, and material choices that appeal to our techie side. The approval process in our area is brutal, and they managed it expertly. We we're approved in our first pass. Great team - would recommend them highly to anyone."
Jay P.

Current project

Cupertino Eichler Rebuild

In collaboration with Klopf Architecture, Timeline is remodeling a Cupertino Eichler with upgrades to electrical and HVAC, improved radiant heating, new roofing and waterproofing, insulation throughout the home, and a new kitchen.


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