Keeping Your Vision at the Heart of Your Home

Your home building process is built on a foundation of collaboration with you. Your Timeline Design+Build home begins from a thorough understanding of your project site and any existing architectural plans. Over the next steps of your journey, you’ll receive a detailed and accurate quote, and a thorough design program. After signing, you’ll work with your team of architects and designers to create and visualize your ideal home through floorplans and a comprehensive 3D model.


Taking The Stress out of the Construction Process

The construction process, often stressful and time-consuming, is made simple with a process designed to make use of Timeline’s decades of expertise. The construction phase begins with an extremely detailed pre-construction process and project review. Timeline also handles all permitting and city approval involved in constructing your home. This detailed construction process allows for your home to be built in not only a timely fashion, but also in a way that ensures your home’s budget remains true to your preliminary and final estimates from us.


You’re Months From Unlocking the Door to Your Home

The most important phase of your home building process is, of course, the end. Your attention won’t be taken up by calls from contractors or stress about finding the right fixtures. You’re free to look forward to that moment, 9 to 18 months from now, when you have your keys in hand. We’ll even celebrate with you - the open house is on us.


Let’s Design + Build A Home for Your Life

The ultimate test of a home, of course, is daily life. You’ll wake up each morning in a home built for your lifestyle, based on your vision of what home is. Your take on the word “home” is unique to you, and how you live in your custom Timeline home each day is the definition of that.

Start the journey