Spanish Revival


Spanish Revival


Historic Details, Modern Elegance

This California Mission Revival style residence is a 5,000 square foot home located in Los Altos. Take a visual tour of this breathtaking home. 


An Homage To Renaissance & Baroque Influences

This residence is an example of California Mission Style architecture. It features Spanish style with a vintage SoCal twist, paying homage to the architectural movement’s roots in the Renaissance and Baroque periods in Spain. This style draws its grace from thick, rounded archways, stucco exteriors, and clay roof tiles. Timeline’s designers strove to match authentic wood windows, saltillo tiles, and clay roof tiles to complete the home’s historic feel.


Designed To Preserve & Highlight Existing Beauty

This particular home was crafted around the breathtaking avocado tree located on the clients’ lot. Avocado trees can live to be 400 years old, and can be challenging to grow in Northern California. One as marvelous as this one was worth preserving and highlighting in the home’s design. The home features an atrium in the center of the house, designed with 4 large skylights piercing through the roof into a high ceiling.