Our latest project has one unique style not often seen in Northern California.

What exactly is California Mission Revival? It’s Spanish style with a vintage SoCal twist.  This architectural movement began late 19th century as a revival of colonial style Spanish missions in California from the 18th and early 19th centuries. Influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque periods in Spain, a few of the more prominent design characteristics include thick rounded archways, white plaster stucco’d exteriors and clay roof tiles. You can see this style reflected in many Santa Barbara homes, which is the epicenter for this movement.

Back to our exciting project. It’s not every day that we encounter 2 fantastic clients who are very passionate about a design style, even taking the time to study it. Our design started out with an avocado tree located on the clients’ lot. It is one large, gorgeous avocado tree they wanted to keep, and it was too large to relocate. Avocado trees are hard to grow in Northern California and can live to be 400 years old, so if you are lucky enough to have a healthy avocado tree, you should consider keeping it. Here comes the difficult part, over time the trees growth takes room and creates shade on the home. The design we came up with literally respected the space around this tree. The atrium in the center of the house was designed with 4 large skylights piercing through the roof into a high ceiling, so light will still enter the home no matter how large the tree gets.

This atrium is just one of many unique architectural features of the home.  Also worth noting on the front of the home, you will see a small Juliet balcony over the entrance door, as well as medallions (an ornamental architecture motif that screams Spanish). The loggia, (think covered, enclosed patio with archways), runs along the backside of the home as a place to entertain or just enjoy some fresh air with abundant shade. All archways are perfectly round, never elongated in true California Mission style. Our designers will be working to match authentic wood windows, saltillo tiles, and clay roof tiles.

Working together with our clients, we have been following the style closely to ensure all architecture and finishes for our project are as authentic to the time period as possible, while still affording the homeowners some of the luxuries of modern day living.

We are very excited to be building our very first California Mission Revival style custom home. We just broke ground on this project, so visit our blog and social media channels over the next year to watch the progress of this project.

Check out a 360 degree tour of this homes design here