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So What Exactly is a NanaWall?

At Timeline Design+Build, we love incorporating the breathtaking simplicity and openness of a NanaWall into our clients’ home designs and this new trend is taking the design world by storm. A NanaWall is an opening glass wall system that comes in a range of options including folding glass walls, sliding glass walls, frameless glass walls, and minimal sliding glass walls. Even though a Nanawall can take many forms, these are our favorite NanaWall trends of 2021.

Folding Glass Walls

Folding glass walls are systems of connected bi-fold door panels with inward or outward openings. With a folding glass wall, you can open a single door or the entire wall.  The system closes to provide all of the protection and comfort of a fixed solid wall.

Sliding Glass Walls

With a single track, individual panel design, a sliding glass wall system can handle wide spans of individual top-hung panels which easily navigate around multiple geometries.  The door panels can stack outside the opening or disappear into a closet.

Frameless Glass Walls

Frameless glass walls work well for interior and exterior applications.  They offer separation with total transparency, natural daylight, and acoustic buffering when closed.  With frameless glass walls, you can add swing doors with closer options anywhere in the chain of panels.

Minimal Sliding Glass Walls

Minimal sliding glass walls are large panel sliding glass walls that allow for maximum transparency.  These have the largest panes of glass and the most minimal frames while still allowing in light.


Whether your home overlooks a stunning vista, or your great room looks out onto your beautifully landscaped garden, imagine the possibilities! Timeline Design+Build can bring your NanaWall dream to life, putting this stunning design feature in any room you wish.   

Real-Life Application

When the opportunity arises to install a NanaWall in a client’s home, we can’t wait to see the end result. We are currently building a custom home in Menlo Park with folding glass NanaWalls.  The owners selected this type of NanaWall because it has two ways of functioning – a single swing door for everyday access from the family room to the exterior patio space, as well as a fully clear opening for those times that they would like to expand their living space to the outdoors when entertaining.   

Timeline Design+Build Turns Your Dreams into Reality

Can’t imagine life without a NanaWall incorporated into your remodel or custom home build? Contact us today and start turning your dream into a reality.