Revit-3D Modeling Software: Bringing Your Visions Of Home To Life

Ever look at a floorplan and try to envision what it will look like built? It can be a little difficult to do; and make your decision to move forward with a build a little scary. What if it looks great on paper, but doesn’t translate well built? Your imagination can only take you so far, and when you are investing a large sum of money into building or remodeling your home, you want to make sure it’s going to look great. Revit gives you a 3D look at what your floorplan will look like built. It helps to ease your fears when making these big critical decisions. There are a whole host of 3D modeling softwares out there, but at Timeline we use Revit. Our in-house Revit expert Shlomi Caspi, Job Captain and beloved architecture team member sat down with me for a quick Q&A to tell you why.

Shlomi, Why do you like Revit? I enjoy seeing projects come together in 3D right from the start. The program has some special tools that are really great to use.

Which tools are your favorites? Creating custom objects is one.  Like a customized door, or maybe a client’s favorite painting that they would like to see on a wall-giving the space even more specificity to their home. Also, objects can be parametric, which means you can start for instance with a stair case, add carpet, or wood, change the number of steps and height of the steps-making the model very specific to the clients design.

Phasing is also another great tool-it allows us an efficient way to work with a project in different phases: For instance we can model a home in its starting or existing stage, and another phase for the kitchen and family room remodel, and then another phase for an addition a client is planning in the future-you can see the changes to a home over time.

Would you call yourself an expert? Well, I know the program well, and I have taught some college courses on how to use it, so you can say I am knowledgeable.

Many people have heard of AutoCAD, what’s the difference between AutoCAD and Revit?  AutoCAD has some 3D capabilities; however the 3D portion was an add on, not something it was originally designed to do, it’s mostly used as a sophisticated 2D drafting tool since the features are stronger for that usage. Revit is considering building information modeling, where you are building models in 3D and then extracting 2D information from it.

Revit is a great tool, and for most people who lack the ability to imagine their floorplan in 3D, it’s worth having your home design modeled out, it truly does bring your vision of home to life.

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