It’s The Tech That Makes Us Different

It’s The Tech That Makes Us Different

In one respect, building a home hasn’t changed much over the years: we’re still laying foundations, forming rooms and floors with walls and stairs, and covering it all with a roof. Of course, that’s only part of the truth, because while our need for a place of comfort and respite is timeless, the technology that helps us design and build homes has – and continues to – evolve.

When it comes to home design technology, whether you’re looking to do a remodel, addition or completely custom home, we utilize the latest technology to enhance all aspects of the process of designing and building your new home. Of course we also use the latest and most innovative materials and smart home technology to ensure your home is eco-friendly, energy efficient and safe.

Our Home Design Technology 

3D Models

Our home building process is built on a foundation of collaboration with you. This means that after we gain a thorough understanding of your project and you sign off on our quote, our team of architects and designers will create and visualize your ideal home through floor plans using our state-of-the-art 3D rendering tool. This tool – known as Computer-Aided Design, or CAD – enables our team to create blueprints and technical drawings in 2D and 3D computer models. We also use a program called Revit. Seeing your vision for your home actualized in a 3D model is such an important part of the process! You can see an example of this home design technology with our Covington Road project.


When it comes time to design the interior of your home, we utilize a program called Fohlio as a one-stop shop for all things design. Using this program, we work together to help create your design guide, which is a collection of inspirations, images, items, and more, that will help guide our design process. Not sure where to begin? Peruse design magazines, Pinterest, Houzz and our Timeline Portfolio to find inspiration for your own home’s interior design! 

Virtual Tours 

Once we start the process of building your new home one of the design and construction technologies we use is a program called Matterport, which allows us to create an immersive digital “twin” of your actual home! Learn more about how our team creates these amazing virtual tours using a 3D camera and Matterport technology. See how we’ve used this technology with some of our recent projects, such as this custom Prarie home in Los Altos, this contemporary remodel in Los Gatos, and this Traditional-style home in Portola Valley.
We’d love the opportunity to be able to build something great together. Whether you’re interested in a remodel, addition or custom home, we look forward to hearing more about your project and vision. We’ll set up a no-obligation call to make sure our home design technology is the right fit for you.