Team News


Gary Skwarek is Timeline Design + Build’s most tenured employee.  He has always been a hands-on person, so pursuing a career in the construction field does not come as a surprise.  He grew up in a family full of boys and his father and older brothers were in the construction industry. Gary started gaining his experience by helping them in the garage.  Gary’s dad would let him borrow the power tools and he just knew he wanted more.  You could say that building is in his genes!

“For me, it is really just about seeing the clients happy.”

When asked what his favorite project has been, Gary’s response is, “I actually enjoy them all!  Each project is different down to the smallest things.  It’s the same reason I like surfing.  Every wave is different and unique.  Same goes for construction.”

The word Gary would use to describe Timeline is integrity.  Since he started with the company, integrity has always been up at the top.  “We are honest with people all the way through, and that is important.”

In addition to integrity, Gary values how important quality is to Timeline. “We are truly quality-oriented,” he says. Sometimes it is scary! If needed, we would tear things down and begin again just to ensure the quality of the project. Doing this would cost time and money, but once you see the end results, everyone sees why we do what we do.”

Gary feels proud each time the keys are handed to clients for a completed project. Seeing the smiles on their faces is extra motivation and also very rewarding. 

“For me, it is really just about seeing the clients happy.”

When not working, or surfing, Gary enjoys tennis, biking, and spending quality time with his daughters.