Freshening Up a Facade

Los Altos Facade Remodel-Facade Before View

When you drive home after a hard day’s work and pull up to your driveway, what do you see? Are you greeted by the vision of a welcoming home that puts a smile on your face? Does it make you say ahhh home with a a sigh of relief, or ahhh home with a scowl on your face. If it creates a scowl, you should really consider different ways to make the front of your home more appealing.

Sometimes a simple coat of paint can make all the difference, but depending on  your home, you might need to adjust the architecture to really make it what you want. One exterior facade we are currently working on is a home with very high walls and one of the tallest entryways we’ve ever seen.

Our goal for this project was to create a more modern look, and break up the large walls. With a clever design by our architect and a gorgeous front entry door picked out by our clients, this exterior facade is getting a real face lift. Stay tuned for more updates as the project moves to completion.