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Employee Spotlight: Shlomi Caspi -Timeline’s Job Captain

Shlomi Caspi is Timeline’s Job Captain and is responsible for 3D modeling, creating permit documents, and local jurisdictions. Shlomi enjoys working with people, the process of each project, and the commute to work.

When Shlomi graduated from college, he was a young architect in Israel, mainly responsible for drafting and gaining knowledge and experience from colleagues. He loves his job, but if he could choose another career, he would work in the music industry or a trade that would involve basketball. 

Best Career Lesson 

“Do your best, good things will happen.” 

Fun Fact

For a couple of years, Shlomi was an NBA reporter for an Israeli website. They sent him to games, and he went into the locker room and participated in the pre-game and post-game interviews with the coach and players. Wow! What an exciting experience!

During his free time, Shlomi enjoys being home, spending time with his family, and playing music. He can’t live without it. If he could meet anyone in the world, he would like to accompany singer Karen Carpenter on the piano. When asked if he could have any superpower, he said he would like the power to live forever. The one food he loves the most is chocolate. It’s hard to resist!