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Employee Spotlight: Lan Tiengtam

Employee Spotlight: Lan Tiengtam

Timeline’s Project Engineer

Lan Tiengtam has been a member of the Timeline family since 2015, assisting Production Manager Armando Iglesias with paperwork and on job sites. Originally from Thailand, Lan began his career as an Executive Salesman before moving to the United States.

Family in the Workplace

Lan considers family to be of greatest importance, describing himself as a “family man” with his favorite place in the world being his home. In fact, family is the one thing he proclaims that he can’t live without. 

Lan sees an overlap between his home and work-life. Each location supports “a family-like environment. Everyone in the team is super friendly.” 

At Timeline, we are proud to foster a supportive community for our team where work feels like a second family!

Fun Facts: Thai Food and Teleporting

  • During his freetime, Lan enjoys working with his church to coordinate activities. 
  • If he could meet anyone from history, it would be Apostle Paul. 
  • In addition, he enjoys eating Thai food. His favorites are papaya salad and Thai fried chicken! 
  • Granted any superpower, he would choose the ability to teleport. 

“God always has great plans for me,” notes Lan. Our plans for Lan are also great. We are proud to have you as a member of our own family!