Team News


Timeline’s New Senior Interior Architectural Designer

Earlier this year, we welcomed Karin Young to the team as a Senior Interior Architectural Designer. Although new to Timeline, Karin has been in the design industry for well over twenty years.  

As one of our designers, Karin assists clients in developing their overall design. She works with them as they make selections for materials, appliances, etc., produces a full drawing set, and then works with the production team to ensure that all is built as designed on-site.  Ultimately, Karin’s role is to make sure everything comes to fruition as desired while creating a pleasing and functional space for each client.

Evolving as a Designer

Karin discovered her passion for designing at a young age. She started out building homes out of Legos with her brother and then modifying house plans found in Better Homes and Gardens magazines.  She says that if she had to choose another profession, she would run a small knitting shop/café where people could come and hang out with friends while working on knitting/crochet projects.

Her first design-related job was working as an intern for a firm in San Francisco, Stone Maraccini and Paterson, who mainly did VA and government contract work.  During her time there, she had the opportunity to work on the restaurant at the historic Beach Chalet on the Great Highway in San Francisco. Pretty cool!

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, Karin shared that she loves sitting down at the computer and drafting up a new house from the architectural plans/sections. This helps her envision the space and then subsequently as selections are made, she works best while drawing in the finer details of tile layouts, cabinetry, etc.

Life Lessons

There are two really valuable life lessons that are equally important to Karin. The first was as a young designer understanding that you must have the ability as a designer to create a beautiful and pleasing space even if the style is not one that you personally care for.  Ultimately, the home is the client’s and while a designer’s job is to guide them, you must also take into consideration their personal style as well.  The second lesson is the importance of working as a team.  Design and construction cannot, by its very nature, be done by a single person. If we aren’t able to work together and support each other well, that will be reflected in a poor end product for the client.

Karin’s happy place is Maui and her happy food is dark chocolate.  Ohana (family in Hawaiian) is everything to her and she loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and son.  In her free time, she also enjoys helping out at her kids’ school, taking her daughter horseback riding, enjoying cocktails and gourmet meals with good friends, and knitting.