Don’t Take Our Word For It!

When it comes to building new houses, we believe the design should reflect who you are down to the very last detail! From intimate family moments to greater gatherings, your home’s design should bring your ideal living space to life. When founder Matthew Harrigan first started Timeline Design + Build more than 30 years ago, his mission was to: collaborate, construct, celebrate, LIVE! That mission is still woven into our process, whether you’re planning to do a remodel or looking to build a new home. 

Of course our promise to you is only as good as our ability to deliver! So don’t just take our word for it; here’s what some of our clients are saying about working with us on their homes.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Your new house is beautiful!”  “This really feels well-constructed, and of very high-quality!”  “Nice job!”  “Well done!”

These are just a sampling of the compliments we have been receiving from friends, neighbors, and random passers-by in the few weeks since we moved back into our new home, custom-designed and built by the folks at Timeline.  We still pinch ourselves at times, amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship we now get to enjoy as part of our daily routine.

Our journey with Timeline started with an idea to renovate some problem areas in our aging house from the 1940’s.  From that very beginning, and throughout the entire project, everyone we dealt with at Timeline was a consummate professional, using their expertise and experience to help guide us – never with any pressure or judgement! – towards realizing a fully-updated custom home of our dreams.

We could not have asked for a better partner to help us design and build our “forever” home, and we could not have imagined, at the start, how amazing it would turn out to be.  We would heartily recommend Timeline for anyone wanting to know that their project will be executed well, with great folks, and to the highest standards of quality.

~C Liu

We hired Timeline Design to do the design and build for a complete kitchen remodel (new layout, new walls, etc.) and bathroom update. Even though we had strong ideas for many of the things we wanted, we were completely open to new ideas. Timeline took our ideas and came up with a design and build-out that achieved all of our goals. We had a great collaboration with the designers and on-site construction team.

Timeline did a wonderful job on our kitchen and bath remodel, plus all the different change orders we kept throwing at them. The kitchen was an especially stunning transformation.

The most remarkable and impressive part was how the schedule didn’t stray too far from the original estimate despite having a couple of key people leave the project along the way and how we kept adding change orders. Our project manager, Ginny, deserves a special shout out for keeping us and the project on track.

~Gordon Yip

We hired Timeline Designs to do a significant remodel of our home that included the kitchen, family room, 2.5 baths, and master B/R. Before choosing TLD, we did a lot of research, interviewing many architects and builders. We selected TLD because of  the high recommendations from their references, and especially their excellent track record for being on time and on budget. When all other architects and builders were saying 8-10 months, TLD committed to 14 weeks, and all their references gave us the confidence that they would achieve their commitment. TLD spends a lot of time with its clients planning the project before any physical work gets done, and all that planning really pays off. The project went extremely smoothly. Because TLD is a Design/Build firm, all aspects of the project are very well coordinated. 

I want to praise the design team and the design process. Keith, our architect, and Matthew spent a lot of time with us to understand how we live in the house, how we want to improve our lives in the house, how we want to entertain, etc. We had lived in the house for 6 years and had seen several remodels of houses with our original floor plan and thought we already knew how we wanted to redesign it. But Keith came up with several creative options to choose from, and we iterated many times on our top choices. He was very receptive to our input and changes to his (our) plans. We definitely felt we got the benefit of hiring first class architects as well as the convenience of going with a design/build firm. One huge benefit of design/build firms is that the builder intimately shares the architect’s vision. This shows in the end result. 

Regarding cost, TLD is an excellent deal. On the surface, their estimates for projects might seem higher than others. But when you consider several factors, they are a bargain. First, the quality of the work. Other builders can bid lower, but the quality in workmanship and materials won’t be there. Second, there were no hidden costs. All additional expenditures were for items that we asked to be added after the project started. (Like a whole house fan and LAN wiring in the walls to a central patch panel.) But most importantly, they finished the project in 1/2 the time that other builders estimated. HALF! That is huge! And we have heard several horror stories of remodel projects taking 50-100% longer than originally estimated. So the real time saving is much larger! 

It’s been over a year since we’ve moved back in, and we are very happy. We get tons of compliments. And Matthew and his team just recently came by to fix a squeak in the cabinetry – at no cost! Unbelievable service! We need more business men like Matthew

In summary, if you evaluate several factors – dollar cost, time savings, creativity of design, quality of workmanship and materials used, service and professionalism, and especially the end result -Timeline Designs is easily the best choice.   We definitely recommend them and would work with them again on future remodels.

~Neal S., Cupertino CA

Matthew and the team at Timeline do a great job from start to finish. They held our hands (our first remodel) through the whole process from the design to picking out cabinets/tile/windows/paints to building around us and our busy lives. They made the process as great as the results. 

Matthew has built a business where they really do care about the customer first. He still calls us – a year after we finished – to make sure everything is okay. Jumping into a remodel comes down to trust. It’s a big decision. I feel great about deciding on Timeline. They will be the ones I call if I do another remodel.

Oh, did I mention that their ‘thing’ is being on time (‘Timeline)? They were done with our sizable remodel the week they promised. No surprises, on budget. Same with two friends that had recommended them to us. Ask around and see how many other builders come through on completion dates.

~Bob M., Sunnyvale CA

If you’re looking for a home builder in the Bay Area, San Jose or Santa Cruz area, we would love to work with you to make your home design dreams a reality! Contact us to set up a no-obligation call to see if we would be a good fit.