How To Create Your Custom Home Design Guide

The beginning steps of your journey to your new custom home are often the most exhilarating. It’s a period full of potential, where the sky’s the limit on your ideas, and home can be whatever you make it. 

As you gather your custom home design ideas, creating a design guide can help you communicate your new vision clearly to your design+build team. The best part is, you don’t have to be an interior designer to create one. 

Turn Your New Home Wish List Into A Design Guide

A design guide outlines and prioritizes your needs and wants for your new home. It gives you a space to share your inspirations and dreams with your design+build team and fosters clearer communication between you, your partner and family, and your team. It can be a simple list or an elaborate collection of images and items, whatever best captures your vision.

Step 1: Collect Inspiration

The first step is to explore your vision and gather inspiration for your new custom home or remodel. What do you think of when you think of home? Capture that for your design guide.

You can also think beyond traditional sources of inspiration when looking for ideas to create your design guide. Your home should capture who you are! We have drawn inspiration for custom home designs from a client’s love of National Forests, or a family’s beloved avocado tree.

You can start on sites like Pinterest and Houzz, or flip through home decorating magazines. Flip through the Timeline Portfolio for inspiration as well. There you will find beautiful images paired with details like architectural style and information on the design and build process, so you have a clearer idea of what to ask for when it’s time to create your own home. 

Step 2: Create Your List

Write down your dreams, wants, and needs for your home. This is the time to collect images and links to specific items and ideas you love. Be as detailed as you desire, from the number of rooms and bathrooms you desire to your vision for the Master Suite and preferred color schemes.

Step 3: Communicate With Your Partner

Next, sit down with your partner and go over your desires for your new home. It’s important to make sure your vision and your partner’s vision are aligned. It’s more common than you would think for couples to sit down with an interior designer and discover that their visions are very different. Now is an ideal time to ensure your visions are harmonious.

Step 4: Prioritize Your List

Once you’ve had this important discussion with your partner, prioritize your list. Decide what is a need for your home, and which items are wishes or desires. This prioritization is an important step in creating a design guide that encapsulates your ideal vision for your home.

Step 5: Collaborate With Your Design+Build Team

Finally, it’s time to see your custom home design ideas come to life! Your design+build team will use your design guide to help you achieve the home that you’re envisioning. They will work with you to turn this guide into a professional design and can provide additional inspiration and ideas to enrich your vision.

The design period is a joyful part of the custom home or remodel process. Creating your own design guide is a wonderful, creative way to outline what you’re imagining for your home while fostering better communication with your partner and design team.

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