Covington Ave, Los Altos

Covington Road, Los Altos

How to Re-Use Your Foundation to Save a Ton of Cement and Money.

One of our latest clients in Los Altos had a home that needed help. The home was a decent size at 3,000 sq.ft. but needed a lot of renovation.  In order to make all the required changes, remodeling would just not be enough, we needed to start from scratch and build new, but if the size of the home didn’t need to change why not keep the original footprint?

Custom Home Rendering Covington Los Altos

We took a look at the foundation, confirmed that its structural integrity was intact and were able to design a new home for them utilizing that original footprint. This saved our clients a good 15-20% in building costs. Wowzers, and the best part of all, it was not something the clients had asked us to do or even looked into themselves.  We were able to offer them cost savings without being asked, which is a huge feel-good moment for our team. This is an example of the fun part of every job-tackling how to solve the client’s home problems in a creative way and give them something better than they envisioned.

The original home had several pain points. The flow from room to room was not conducive to family life. What do I mean? The rooms were boxy, and if you can imagine a large home with kids in it, you are at a constant struggle

Rendering of Covington Los Altos Remodel Interior

With the list of needs penciled out our architecture team got to work. For the exterior, our architect Ope created a design that would keep with the prairie style of the neighborhood but added a craftsman style twist to bring it up to date. The also added a shed dormer (flat roof over the window) to the foyer space above the front door instead of the typical traditional gable (the triangular look) which really helped modernize it.

Rendering View 2 of Covington Road Interior showing kitchen and living room areas

Upon entering the house you are greeted with a grand 2 level foyer and raised ceilings to give the space a more substantial feel. There is an open concept living area that opens up to the back of the house, with accordion-style “centor” sliding glass doors to access the back of the home and provide maximum light inside. With the client’s needs met for design, we are ready to start building their dream home. Stay tuned for updates on their construction progress.

Interior Foyer view entry room renderingphoto-Covington road, los altos