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Contractor of the Quarter: Vintage Heating & Air

white vintage heating and air work van

Congratulations to Vintage Heating & Air for being selected as our subcontractor of the quarter!

Vintage Heating & Air was founded in 2015 by local HVAC expert Ron Murray. After working over 40 years in the trade, Ron decided to venture out and open up his own business.  “I knew so many talented people in the industry, I just wanted to put them all together at one company” – Ron.

This is one of the many reasons we love to work with Ron, he has put together a great talented group of individuals that do a fantastic job. We know that we can rely on Ron to deliver top quality service to all our clients.

Ron is extremely easy to work with, has a great personality and one of the best mustaches we’ve ever seen. Our Timeline team has been working with Vintage for several years now,  and are very happy with the great relationship we’ve formed. Thank you Vintage!

Vintage Heating and Air Employees standing next to work van outside of their office

If you are ever in need of heating and air conditioning installation or repair, you can reach Vintage Heating and Air at: 408.264.0400, or