Build Your Custom Dream Home, From Home

With the recent crisis, many businesses are still closed and the projects and events you were looking forward to have been canceled. If you were looking forward to building your dream home, you don’t have to give up on that. You can still design your custom home while you’re at home. In fact, as stressful as current events can be, investing in a project like planning your home can provide a healthy creative distraction.

Read on to discover what you can do while you’re at home to keep your project moving forward at every stage of the process.

Your Custom Home Project Doesn’t Have To Stall 

#1: Collect Inspiration

Now is an ideal time to gather inspiration for your dream home. Explore Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration, or browse our Portfolio to discover new concepts and architectural styles.

Get creative and really explore your full vision for your ideal home. What architectural style are you most interested in… a charming craftsman home, or a mission-style homage to California’s past? What features are you imagining? A wine cellar? A spacious master suite?

#2: Connect With Timeline 

Our team is still working remotely and fully invested in your project. If you’re envisioning your dream home, don’t hesitate. Reach out to get a quote and schedule a call to go over your project. You can get pricing information and a detailed idea of what working with Timeline Design+Build is like so you can get started on your new home right away.

Reach out to us to inquire.

#3: Collaborate With Architecture & Design

If your project is in the design phase, you can collaborate with your architecture and interior design team just as you did before. They will reach out to get a thorough understanding of your vision and your dreams for your home.

If you are bringing your own architect with you for your project you’ll be able to work with our team to make sure your vision is completely understood.

When this phase is finished, we will send you a detailed 3D model to ensure you’re able to visualize your completed home.

#4: Celebrations Are On The Horizon

While commencing construction and that open house gathering will have to wait, rest assured that your project is still of the utmost importance to us and we look forward to celebrating your new home with you. Taking the time now to invest in your vision and work with our team on your design is a huge step towards that new home you’re dreaming about.

If you’re itching to move your custom home building project forward, Timeline Design+Build is here to help. That process doesn’t have to stop while you’re at home. Reach out to our team and we’ll work with you to craft your vision for your home into a completed design. Let’s begin.