Beach House Bungalow Remodel

Beach House Bungalow Remodel | Aug 2019

A fun project we are wrapping up soon is our lovely beach bungalow in Santa Cruz. This 2 story 1,200 sq.ft. home will be fully renovated. When first touring the project and speaking with our clients about their goals it became quickly apparent that the house was in great need of an update, some parts were literally falling apart. The flow of the home was off and being that it was a tiny space, creating more efficient use of the square footage was high up on the list of needs.

The look and feel of the home will reflect the beach vibe with shades of blue and white, natural walnut finishes on the cabinets and shiplap cabinetry style in the kitchen. Stay tuned for updates, photos and videos when this project is done.

October Update

Our beach house remodel project is slated for a Thanksgiving finish. Cabinets in bright blue are being installed as well as a walnut and a metal guardrail. Wood and gray tone tile is in place in both bathrooms and a tapered harth is being worked on beneath the built-in fireplace. Lots of exciting activity in these last few weeks.