Aging In Place

Remodeling and building is an exciting time full of lots of decision making. If you plan on staying in your home during your golden years, you may want to consider some of the following “aging in place” suggestions:


  • Access: Consider a ramp if you have stairs

  • Walls and Roof: Use low maintenance materials for the exterior walls and roof

  • Landscaping: Plant easy to care for shrubbery

  • Lighting: Sensor lights make it easy to see your walking path

  • Flooring: Choose non-slip flooring for your walking path



  • Add grab bars at the tub, toilet, and shower

  • Use non-skid flooring in your shower and on your floor

  • Install easy grip handles on your doors and faucets

  • Make sure your bathroom is large enough to accommodate wheel chair maneuverability

  • Consider a high seat toilet

  • Add a fold down seat in your shower


  • Install pull down shelving and open shelving for easy access

  • Add a wall oven, no more bending over to put things in or take things out

  • Position your microwave at counter height


  • 2 Story Home? Consider creating all your main living area on the bottom floor

  • Remove any step downs between rooms

  • Give yourself a 5×5 foot turn space in your kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom

  • Make sure your hallways are at least 36 inches wide

  • Add motion sensored lighting in your halls and entrance

  • Install doors that are 36 inches wide

  • Add in an intercom system so you can easily call someone in a different room


At Timeline, aging in place is one of the many things we consider when designing a home. For more information on aging in place, give us a call 408.741.3000