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A Day in the Life of an Architect

architect designing custom home floor plan

Meet Ope, our in-house architect at Timeline Design+Build. He is more commonly referred to as “The Magical One” a title given to him by our staff for his impressive creativity showcased in his designs. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting next to The Magical One, and watching him skillfully design a home, and I have to say it’s pretty impressive, but sitting and designing are only a part of a typical day for him. Here is what the average day looks like for Ope.

Q: So, you get into work in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?

While sipping my coffee, I open up my email and look through the messages I receive on Co-Construct (our project management software). I’ll answer any questions from the Site Managers out on the field about particular materials called out on a plan or architectural detail. I’ll also read through any comments or questions from clients concerning their design.

ope hand drawing with red pencil custom home design, the architect drawing

Most of my clients’ comments and questions tend to come in on Mondays after they’ve spent time chatting with friends and family about their project. Any ideas or concerns they have are incorporated into the design of their projects.

Q: How do you design the projects? What’s your process?

I spend the next part of my day in design – but the brainstorming for the design usually happens at all times of night and day – particularly when I am in a rested state. 70% of design really is conceptual before I ever draw a line on paper. So, once I have a good idea, I grab a red pencil and begin my dance.  Once done I will take it to Matthew and Shlomi and together we will make edits to it until we are all happy with the design. Then comes the next part of my day.

I will spend 1-2 hours in client meetings presenting conceptual designs, or more detailed formal designs depending where our client is in the design process. I explain the design and how it will solve for their pain points and get a general feel for what they like and don’t like. I really enjoy chatting with our clients and learning about their lives and how their home can fit their lifestyle needs. It’s particularly gratifying when they love the design and I see the look of happiness on their face as I unveil my ideas.

Once the meeting is over, I go back to my work space and begin implementing some of the changes needed while the conversations are still fresh in my mind.

Q: What else do you do in a typical day?
Well besides eat lunch, I like to chat with my co-workers and I may or may not take a trip to the front of the showroom for a chocolate. I also like to chat with Shlomi and see his latest 3D modeling of a home and talk about the latest news on our Warriors team. Then it’s back to my home to rest and let the creative brainstorming happen all over again.