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3D Cameras-Creating Virtual Tours

Meet Melanie, she is our amazing Production Assistant and 3D camera operator extraordinaire.  With Melanie’s help and our ultra-sophisticated software we are able to share virtual tour videos of the amazing homes we build. Besides the fact that virtual tours are fun to watch and play with, they are an excellent tool for our clients.

By taking the time to create 3D imagery of clients’ homes halfway through build (when all the walls are open), clients can come back to the video later on, zoom in and out of any area if an issue comes up-say they are getting a strange leak or a pesky electrical problem. No need to tear open a wall to figure it out, just use the video. As a home builder it also shows that we truly deliver quality craftsmanship, you can see for yourself, we have nothing to hide!

Back to Melanie, here is the process she takes to create each virtual tour:

Step 1: She takes a walk through of the property, sees the daylight pattern to ensure great light on her shots. Gets a general idea of where to film and what order.

Step 2: She begins filming room by room and labeling each of the rooms she works in. This process takes anywhere from 4-8 hours as the camera has to take a 360-degree slow rotating shot for every step of the virtual tour, and there are anywhere from 10-30 steps.

Step 3: Don’t get caught. Melanie must be extra careful not to get a photo taken of her since the camera is panning all the way around, and if she is the footage is removed in editing.

Step 4: Edit, make sure all the footage is there, and any strange lines, lighting, etc. are removed from the photos.

Step 5: Melanie hands the footage to marketing to piece the shots together and create the finished virtual tour video. Then, it is shared with the client and all our Timeline friends.

Here is an example of a home halfway through build and then a tour of that same home when it was finished building.