Interior Design

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Your Vision

Your interior designer is your advocate throughout your custom home and remodel process, overseeing every element of your home’s style, created based on your unique vision for your space. Your detail-focused interior design experience is designed to give you complete control of the process, guided by expert insights from our designers.



You’ll enjoy the support of a team of interior designers with years of industry experience and an extensive educational background. The members of Timeline’s interior design team hold Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Design and Architecture from some of the finest schools in the industry. This experience is an invaluable resource as your team creates your breathtaking design.


A Respectful

Your interior designer is your advocate throughout the entirety of your custom home or remodel project. They’re invaluable in helping you make decisions, and can help you avoid costly mistakes and delays. Each communication with you comes from a place of respect for your daily life. We strive for minimal interruption while still ensuring you’re always informed.


Transformational Remodels

A truly transformative design looks at your home as a whole and how it fits your life. We consider each element of each room in your home when designing your space. Your interior designer will go beyond helping you to select your decor. They’re trained on style, construction, cabinetry, even electrical plans and local California building codes.