Using a design-build firm can make a lot of sense…read below to see if design-build for your renovation or building project is right for you.

For those unfamiliar with the term, design-build refers to companies that handle all parts of the home renovation process, from architecture and interior design, to permitting and construction. It’s an all-in-one solution. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience if you decide to use a design-build firm for your project.


One Central Point of Communication: There is only one company you need to communicate with, and who is accountable for your whole project. Since your architecture, interior design and construction teams are all under the same roof, you do not have to act as a middle man delivering information between companies. After your project is complete, there is only one company for you to deal with for any/all warranty and support.

All Departments Working Together: The entire company is available to help create the best solutions for your home. It also lessens the chances for miscommunication since the team is all working on the same project together.

Construction Is Quicker: This is due to a consistent design-build process, a tighter integration between the teams, and the ability to foresee and solve issues quicker with in-house staff.

Stay Within Budget: With the estimation department’s help, the architecture team will design to your budget and work with interior design to do the same. (Many architects will design your dream home, but they don’t understand cost to keep your dream floorplan within budget).

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