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Custom Home Process


Before we begin designing, we need to learn about what your goals are and how we can add value to the project.

02 Preliminary designs

Our architect prepares schematic designs for you to review and decide on the floor layout and exteriors given your desired outcomes.

03 Feasibility estimate

Once a preliminary design is selected, we create a high-level estimate to ensure we are working on a project that takes into account your financial and scope expectations.

04 Working drawings

Signing off on the feasibility estimate pushes the project into permitting. In this step, we submit the plans to the local jurisdiction. Shortly after, an interior designer is introduced to your project.

05 Final estimate

As all these moving parts slowly come together, the estimation team provides a second estimate at a much more detailed level. During the final estimate, we are involving our production team to ensure the estimate is per a plan that is buildable.

06 Pre-construction

Nearing the start of demolition, our team organizes the subcontractors, makes sure all parties are ready to move forward and on schedule, and then begins mobilizing for the construction.


Throughout construction, we hold regular meetings on-site to ensure all your questions are answered and any surprises in the field are communicated to you in a timely manner


After completing the construction of your project, we invite all your friends and family and throw a celebratory party to show off your new home.

Step 1:

Our first step is determining if we can work together. Are we going to build trust so that we can have a successful outcome?

Step 2:

Once we have determined there is a mutual fit, we proceed with preliminary designs. In this step, we work together to hear your thoughts and goals before proposing ideas. Usually, there is some back and forth to ultimately find what works best for you.

Step 3:

After finalizing and signing off on the preliminary designs, we do a hand-off with the estimation team. The design team will bring the estimation team up to speed on everything discussed and any budget constraints. Estimation will review the designs, involve necessary trade partners for building the estimate, and then present an estimate to the homeowner. Our goal is to be upfront about what you are getting into so we do not waste your time and money or our time and money. At this stage, we anticipate being within 15% of the final number.

Step 4:

As soon as you have signed off on the estimate, we begin permit procurement and introduce you to the interior designer. In this stage, you work with the designer to select finishes and materials inside the home. The architecture team creates working drawings for construction and works with the city or town to retrieve the permit.

Custom Home Design Process
Custom Home Design Process
Custom Home Design Process

Step 5:

Around the time we are getting a permit, our estimation team has worked for weeks to pull together an extremely detailed estimate. We compile and vet the bids from our trade partners and present another estimate. This time we expect to be within 5% of the final number.

Step 6:

We obtain the permit, sign the construction contract, and then begin mobilizing for construction. We perform necessary site preparation before building the project per the plans and per the agreed-upon scope of work.

Step 7:

We have periodic scheduled meetings to review progress and status updates on the project

Step 8:

At completion, we walk the project with you to ensure every detail is accounted for

Step 9:

Invite all your friends, neighbors, family members to a private celebratory event

Step 10:

Stay in touch to make sure the home is maintained and continues to be in great condition

Process Flowchart

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Current project

Los Altos Contemporary Rebuild

This is a whole house remodel with small addition to modernize all the infrastructure of the home as well as change the exterior aesthetic. The entire structure is 3,400sf including a 2-car attached garage. There is significant demolition and rearrangement of the interior walls allowing for a more efficient, contemporary living style.


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Current project

Cupertino Eichler Rebuild

In collaboration with Klopf Architecture, Timeline is remodeling a Cupertino Eichler with upgrades to electrical and HVAC, improved radiant heating, new roofing and waterproofing, insulation throughout the home, and a new kitchen.


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