Inspired Home Construction


Distinctive Home Construction

Your idea of what home is is entirely unique to you. That’s why your journey to build or remodel your home will be tailored to you, using a process customized to your goals for your home’s construction and the regulations of the area you live in.


Personal & Local Expertise

Your project will be completely understood before we ever break ground, from a thorough dive into your needs and desires for your new home, to our knowledge of your area and local regulations. Timeline is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the intricacies of your area’s permitting processes and building codes.


Creativity From Collaboration

You’ll be in the loop for the entirety of your construction project using Timeline’s unique project management software, allowing for daily communication and project updates. You will have your own project manager who will guide you through regular discussions of budget and multiple approvals of the floorplan. This collaborative process allows us to capture the best version of your vision.


Building An Ideal Living Space

Your home should be perfect, down to every exquisite detail. Your team at Timeline helps ensure that even the smallest elements of your home feel beautifully complete and tailored to you. All details will be accounted for, including the design team’s monitoring of construction to ensure the build is accurate to your style, and a thorough review of all costs with our subcontractors. You’ll receive a Construction Completion Certificate, so you can trust that everything is completed perfectly.