Whole House Remodel



Winner of the 2018 NKBA Northern California Chapter Design Competition for:
* Judges’ Choice Kitchen
* Medium Kitchen -First Place
* Best Before & After Kitchen
* Powder Room / Small Bath- First Place

Finding our inspiration for this kitchen in our clients’ close relationship with Airbnb and their eclectic style, the kitchen was deesigned to become the center of the house for this family. To complete their dream of an open, welcoming kitchen, skylights, as well as new light fixtures, were incorporated into the new design to bring more natural light into the room. With the expansion of the room, new appliances and extra elements, like the mini desk and the subtle key into the tile pattern above the stove, were added. The finishing touch in the room was a small dining table, which completed the room with a sense of family.

Designed to include a blend of modern style with natural elements, this bathroom was expanded to include a shower, which the original bathroom didn’t have space for. Along with the removal of the hall closet to make this bathroom more spacious, the designer added a skylight to increase the feeling of openness with the natural light element. Wanting to continue the nature theme, in the shower, wood tiles were placed in such a way to create a wood path. A natural walnut cabinet was added to bring the natural look into the room. By taking many different pieces of nature and placing them together, a beautiful retreat was created.

The client’s needs/desires, how the project enhanced the existing structures functionally and aesthetics, any innovative uses of material and/or methods, if had to overcome any difficulties:

Dreaming of turning their house into the perfect place to spend time with their kids and to host their guests, our clients wanted to make the rooms more spacious and update all of their appliances. Overall the house was outdated and uninviting; however, by opening the kitchen, dining, and living rooms to each other and by raising the ceiling, the house became a great gathering place. The design was inspired by natural elements, which can be seen through the tile design and the use of natural wood. The entire house was pulled together by the clients’ eclectic personalities.


  • Location: Burlingame, CA

  • Surface area: 2,687 sq. ft.

  • Completed: 2018

  • Budget: $ 350-450 sq. ft.

  • Architect: Timeline Design+Build


…Timeline provided us with a thoroughly detailed estimate that helped us understand all that would go into this project. Once we decided to move forward to the build phase, Timeline deftly handled all of the paperwork and logistics needed for the permitting and approval processes with our local jurisdiction, despite never having worked in the area before.We enjoyed the construction process, not only because we could see Timeline had everything under control, but also because we could witness first-hand the progress being made at each of our weekly meetings with them. Everyone was friendly, kept the workspace tidy and presentable, and this level of professionalism extended to all their subs as well, who each executed their parts with great skill. When there were mix-ups or snafus, as is bound to happen in any project involving so many vendors, orders, deliveries and physical dependencies, Timeline handled them deftly, communicating with all the appropriate parties to get things right.


 Our clients were wonderful people to work with, and truly appreciated the level of detail we put into their home; which made us want to work that much harder for them. The floorplan orientation uses space wisely so the home has plenty of space for a growing family with warm and cozy interior design finishes that make it feel lived in.