Kitchen & Bath Remodel



Winner of the 2018 NKBA Northern California Chapter Design Competition for:
* Medium Kitchen- Third place 

The client’s needs/desires were how to enhance the existing structures functionally and aesthetics, any innovative uses of material and/or methods. Throughout the entire house, a modern touch and new appliances, among other things, were needed. The clients wanted to add their own personality to their home, which can now be seen through the tiling designs and their unique style. Insulation in the walls and flooring needed to be updated as well. New light fixtures and skylights were added to create a more open feeling in a previously closed-off house. In spite of being unable to tear down certain walls, due to structural problems, we were able to fit everything the clients wanted without overcrowding the space.

The goal of this project was to turn an old, dark kitchen into a mid-century modern one. We kept the color palette simple, but used many different, unique styles and patterns in the finishes to give it character. To shower the space with natural light, a large skylight was placed directly above the new island. A new light structure was also added, along with new appliances. This kitchen became the gathering place for the client and their friends, where they could cook, eat, and laugh. Each unique piece of the room, from the diner style seats at the island to the tile pattern above the stove, attributed to the creation of the perfect kitchen for our client.

Enjoying a moment of peace in a relaxing, spa-like bathroom is the perfect way for anyone, child or adult, to escape everyday life. In this bathroom, the wood and tile features, along with the concrete flooring, transport our clients into their own miniature spa. The bathroom includes a small niche within the shower to hold hair products, among other things, a tunnel light, allowing natural light into the room, and two tile mosaics, one behind the sinks and the other in the shower niche. Every component is a part of what becomes the perfect momentary get away.



  • Location: Sunnyvale, CA

  • Surface area: 2,272 sq. ft.

  • Completed: 2017

  • Budget: $ 500,000-$750,000

  • Architect: Timeline Design+Build


  All aspects. The architect (Ope) was outstanding. The interior design (Stan and Kyle) fits the house perfectly, and the build (Rick) more than met our expectations (which were high). And the entire time Matthew was contributing in ways that really made the final result perfect. Can’t say enough good about the team.


    This was one of our favorite projects to work on, and a great representation of our work. We handled everything from inital design concept to construction, it was a great team effort. Our favorite part of hte house was the basement leading to a beautiful covered patio.