A good architect is absolutely essential to a good home design. Their work is the starting point of the process, and their design serves as the instruction manual to build your home. An integral part of our team, our architecture department sets a high standard by creating elegant, family-friendly dwellings, and pushing the boundaries of design and creativity. Pulling from various styles, and out of the box concepts, our architecture team is known for well-balanced designs that are beautiful and detailed.

Already have an architect you are working with or would like to work with? That works too. We partner with several seasoned architects who specialize in different styles and designs to give you a range of options and ensure your needs are met.

How does the design budget work? By working hand in hand with our clients and team of estimators, our architecture team designs your home  to fit your budget and goals. They also make sure their designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional for your lifestyle needs.

Blueprints are both important and foundational for creating a set of design instructions. Our 3D modeling technology helps bring these designs to life and create a clearer picture of your design options. Learn more about our 3D rendering tools here.

INTERIOr design

Our interior designers are more than just decorators, they are educated professional who advocate for you throughout the design and construction of your project, helping you make good decisions quickly and avoid costly mistakes and schedule delays.

 Our Interior Designers:
• Hold Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in Design and/or Architecture
• Are trained not only on style and function, but also on construction techniques, electrical plans,
cabinetry, and California building codes
• Are extremely technical and detailed in their software and rendering skills.
• Work through a detailed process which includes:  studying all selection specifications,
installation instructions, and working with vendors to get the best options and prices for you.



Imagine that you decide to remodel your home and not use an interior designer.

You are busy at work and you get the third phone call of the day from your project manager. The plumber is at your job site and needs to know the exact placement of where on the wall you’d like your shower head installed. You can’t leave work to go take a look – you are busy, besides, you’re really not sure what would look best or make the most sense.

With Timeline, the above scenario would not happen. Our interior designers take care of these types of decisions and more… They build the interior of your home on paper before the project begins so that once your project is underway, schedule interruptions are rare, and issues can be resolved quickly. They know that once a project is delayed and a sub-contractor or inspection must be rescheduled, all subsequent sub-contractors and inspections need to be rescheduled. Learn more about our team of Interior Designers here.