Timeline Design + Build About Us

Who we are

We are a team-oriented company.
Our core values are:


At Timeline, it is extremely important for all employees to act with a moral compass. This value applies to all people involved; coworkers, clients, and the community. We use this value to further our reputation as being a trustworthy and honorable company. This also entails showing respect to co-workers, the community, and our vendors.


Timeline recognizes that our success is the result of everyone working together. We want to build the best homes for our community and everyone in the company contributes to that. To be collaborative means to actively confer with all stakeholders. We work as a team to solve solutions and successfully complete projects.


A vital part of Timeline’s process is the accuracy and thoroughness of our bids. Rigor extends from the initial point of contact to providing quality estimates and beyond the project. We are detailed and we do not take shortcuts that result in poor quality. We believe our attentiveness and meticulous attitude furthers our vision.

Continuous Improvement

The construction industry has a lot to gain from new technology and new techniques. We can’t be lagging behind other companies if we want to be the best. At a company level, Timeline needs to be evolving and looking for ways to improve its process. At an employee level, everyone needs to be growing their human capital to keep up with new demands in the home building service. This helps the employee and the company and Timeline is open to sponsoring activities that are beneficial to both.


One part of Timeline’s mission is to be on time. In order to be on time, we need to be pushing the project forward every day. By pushing each and every day, Timeline can stick to our on-time goal. Everyone has to proactively look for ways to make the company more efficient, effective, and productive.

What we do

working as a team
to solve solutions

We are a design-build firm, meaning there are in-house designers and in-house project managers. We take the project from start to finish. The start is the initial design, working with homeowners, and the finish is the completion of the construction.

Why we do what we do

providing the best homes
for our community

We love to see people get the homes they dreamed of. Especially recently with the shelter-in-place orders, it has been extra rewarding receiving emails, calls, and texts from past clients saying how happy they are in their new home.

Where we are going

our mission to be on time
and on budget

It is our mission to be on time and on budget with the highest quality for every project. By accomplishing our mission, we can fulfill our vision. It is our vision to be the most trusted builder in Silicon Valley. We believe we can achieve these by strictly adhering to the core values that we listed above.


Inspiration For
Your Vision

Reenvision your home. View the architectural styles we’ve worked in, and learn what the artists at Timeline have achieved.

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